Yorugata Aijin Senmonten - Bloodhound

Yuki Kaori 201 Views Completed 夜型愛人専門店 ; 夜型愛人専門店−ブラッドハウンド−DX ; 夜型愛人専門店-ブラッドハウンド- ; Blood Hound ; Bloodhound ; Nocturnal Lover Speciality Shop ; Nocturnal Lover Specialty Store ; Nocturnal Lover Specialty Store: Bloodhound ; Vampire Host (French) ; Vampire Host: Bloodhound ; Yorugata Aijin Senmonten Facebook Twitter

Yorugata Aijin Senmonten - Bloodhound Rion is on a mission to find her missing friend Shihoko. Her only two clues are a card given to her by Shihoko and a confession that her best friend was in love with a vampire. Thus she heads down to ...
Yorugata Aijin Senmonten - Bloodhound is a Comedy manga created by Yuki Kaori,read the latest chapters of Yorugata Aijin Senmonten - Bloodhound online for free in MangaSee.

Latest chapter:Vol.1 Chapter 5

Update:2021-07-03 04:15:30

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