Ningyo Ouji (Ozaki Kaori)

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Ningyo Ouji (Ozaki Kaori) The title story, “The Mermaid Prince,” told in three chapters, is a coming-of-age story set in Okinawa. The boy, Mugi, has a fascination with mermaids. He moved in from Tokyo when his si...
Ningyo Ouji (Ozaki Kaori) is a Fantasy manga created by Ozaki Kaori,read the latest chapters of Ningyo Ouji (Ozaki Kaori) online for free in MangaSee.

Latest chapter:Chapter 6 : Ametsukigahara Part Two [End]

Update:2022-06-16 22:30:31

《Ningyo Ouji (Ozaki Kaori) 》Latest chapter

Chapter 6 : Ametsukigahara Part Two [End]
Chapter 5 : Ametsukigahara Part One
Chapter 4 : Snowy Day
Chapter 3 : Mermaid Prince C03
Chapter 2 : Mermaid Prince C02
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