Mayo Mayo!

Asano Hajime 25 Views Ongoing まよマヨ! ; 迷茫女僕! ; 迷茫管家与迷茫的我! Facebook Twitter

Mayo Mayo! A story with the same setting as Mayo Chiki! however the main character is now a high school girl who suffers from gynophobia. While using the girl's washroom she accidentally discovers that the popul...
Mayo Mayo! is a Comedy manga created by Asano Hajime,read the latest chapters of Mayo Mayo! online for free in MangaSee.

Latest chapter:Vol.1 Chapter 1 : A Stray Sheep!

Update:2022-06-16 00:28:01

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Vol.1 Chapter 1 : A Stray Sheep!
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Vol.1 Chapter 1 : A Stray Sheep!