My Broken Mariko

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My Broken Mariko Mariko and Shii-chan have been friends since middle school, and have maintained their friendship over the years. But Shii-chan, now an OL, suddenly hears on the news that her friend has killed herself...
My Broken Mariko is a Drama manga created by Waka Hirako,read the latest chapters of My Broken Mariko online for free in MangaSee.

Latest chapter:Chapter 5.5: Home Sweet Home!

Update:2022-05-23 10:57:54

《My Broken Mariko 》Latest chapter

Chapter 5.5: Home Sweet Home!
Vol.1 Chapter 5: Extra: Home! Sweet Home!
Vol.1 Chapter 4: Freefall
Vol.1 Chapter 3
Vol.1 Chapter 2: Let S Go - Hawaii
Chapter 1: Escape
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